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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, write an entry with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged.

1. I have been reading and writing fanfiction quite actively for about twelve years now - I don't think I'm likely to ever stop.

2. My first crush was Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger.  I blame my continuing obsession with long-haired men on this fact.

3. I am 100% determined to set foot on an extra-terrestrial surface.  Which most of you know because I talk about it a lot actually...

4. When I don't have a response for a question or there's an awkward moment...I tend to randomly blurt out 'Martians!'.  I really have no idea why.

5. My favorite color changes quite a bit, but right now it's purple.

6. The best afternoon I have ever spent was when I ditched my study abroad group in Paris; I wandered around, found a pretty outdoor cafe to eat at and then went to the Louvre by myself. 

7. I actually prefer wandering around on vacation by myself to having friends/family with me.

8. Barring my two years in college (when living in university-run places), I've never NOT had a cat living with me.

9. I have seasonal affective disorder, aka, the winter blues.  This is why I moved to FL, in hopes that the warmth and sunshine would help keep me out of depression.  Has it helped?  I don't know, it's really hard for me to tell when I'm actually depressed, I don't notice until I start to feel better.  Ask Cat, she listens to me gripe all the time (have I gotten whinier the past two months?)

10. I have a really obsessive personality; while I'm in the depth of a fandom I usually don't think about much of anything else until I lose interest.  Currently I think Doctor Who is holding a record for my attention, as I've been rather single-mindedly obsessed since around April.

11. I have an unhealthy addiction to the internet.  Like right now, my laptop is off being repaired so I'm at my sister's (while my sister is in TN) using her computer.  I haven't been at home except for sleeping/showering since I sent my lappy off.  And it's not like I do anything more vital than reading fanfiction and surfing wikipedia...

12. When people like me without me having to work at it, it freaks me out.  I usually get the idea that they're faking because they want something from me.  This has made many a would-be relationship end rather quickly.

13. I'm prone to coming up with get-rich-quick ideas and trying to convince my sister to help me start them.  Sadly I have yet to convince her.

14. I love fashion in a crazy way, and really, really wish I had the body to wear the stuff I love.  It's one of my goals, I suppose.

15. I am a picky eater, and it takes a serious act of will for me to try any food that is squishy.  I also rarely (VERY rarely) use sauces, I claim it's a bit of an ethical issue (lol) - if the food doesn't taste good enough to be eaten on it's own merit, I don't need to be touching it.

16. I want nothing so much as to be an actress, but I'm too self-conscious to let go on stage.

tagging [ profile] anepidemic , [ profile] whitefootwolf , [ profile] cinnabunny , [ profile] katelove2 . [ profile] kelaina , [ profile] postgradronin , [ profile] rhymeasaurus , [ profile] tears4dragons  and [ profile] thegreycoin.  That's only nine, but that's all you're getting because these are the only people who I'm actually friends with that a) use lj regularly and b) haven't been tagged already.

And in other news, I sprained my knee and am very unhappy about it :(
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