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Jan. 26th, 2009 03:02 am
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Pick up to 13 OTPs.
Describe them in 13 words or fewer.
Have your flist guess the OTP.

Additional hints?

3.  He said 'God help the man who really loves her'....God help him. (Movie)
8.  She's in contact with heaven, he's barely in contact with earth. (TV)
9.  He has no power over her, she has all the power over him. (Movie)
11.  She climbs her Alpine Path, while he paints her soul into every portrait. (Book)
13.  He's off fighting for his country...and she's sleeping with her roommate.  (TV)

Revealing the unguessed:  8 is Joan/Adam from Joan of Arcadia, 9 is Sarah/Jareth from Labyrinth and 13 is Emma/Sean from Degrassi :-D

1.  She's kinda gay, he can kinda smell her from a mile away.

Willow/Oz from Buffy, guessed by amberfocus
2.  She doesn't like his mustache, he likes her legs.  Actually...that whole region.
Wash/Zoe from Firefly, guessed by lady0fthesith
3.  He's not a gentleman, but then, she's no lady.
Rhett/Scarlett from Gone with the Wind guessed by abbeylovely
4.  She's a sad girl with a guitar, he's a veteran pop star.
Jude/Tommy from Instant Star, guessed by amberfocus
5.  He's a bitter physician, she teaches him to have faith.
Christy/Neil MacNeil from Christy, guessed by lady0fthesith
6.  She's got no future, so he takes her there.

Ninth Doctor/Rose from Doctor Who, guessed by amberfocus
7.  He doesn't actually own anything but tweed, and she likes seeing him squirm.
Giles/Jenny from Buffy, guessed by anepidemic
8.  She has a higher calling, but he can't seem to remember her name.
9.  She's a spoiled little girl, he just wants to fulfill her dreams.
10.  He's an amazing pilot, she's...kind of a ghost.
Luke/Callista from Star Wars EU, guessed by lady0fthesith (NO I DO NOT LIKE MARA JADE GODDAMMIT)
11.  She sees Flashes of heaven, he just sees her eyes.
Emily/Teddy from the Emily of New Moon series guessed by abbeylovely
12.  He is probably drunk, she becomes his king.
Jack/Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean, guessed by lady0fthesith
13.  She's a hardcore environmentalist, he's your classic bad boy turned good.


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